Ever Unfurling

While traveling down this road we call life

I always try to walk towards the light.

I reflect on my actions and my impact on others

I reach out and I help because in life, that is what matters.

Changing like the seasons and growing with each spring

our minds, if we let them, can do the same thing.

Instead of loving and being free we are encompassed by hate –

the most pugnacious of our ‘citizens’, spread it day-by-day.

Like wildfire, it grows and now there are riots in our streets.

Throughout the world it has spread and at times, seems too strong to defeat.

While as humans we should be unfurling to a much more positive place

we are lessening the intelligence of the entire human race.

For somewhere down the road, commonplace morals have been lost.

Some people will do anything no matter how much or what, it costs.

So if you look around and loose faith in what you see –

 – remember to stop and to look at the trees.

As the Earth spins it is ever evolving

changing, growing and always adapting.

Adapt to the hate that you see around you

but never ever let it swallow and define you.

Change with the seasons and grow with each spring,

unfurl your mind to become a better human being.

© Sarah N. Bronstein – All Rights Reserved

My heart goes out to everyone that has been affected or has lost their life due to the very awful and sickening things that have been happening around our world.

Daily Prompt: “Unfurl


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